The government to be held responsible for keeping the activists in jail and for the death of Astrit Dehari

23 Aug 2017

Today, the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! held a press conference following the release of four activists accused of terrorism and kept in detention for a whole year, respectfully under house arrest. During the conference it was said that activists AdeaBatusha, AtdheArifi, EgzonHaliti and FrashërKrasniqi were denied freedom for a year from a trumped up process, as a result of which, activist AstritDehari lost his life.

The MP and member of the Presidency, Sami Kurteshi, stressed that holding innocent detainees is evidence that the captured and criminalized prosecution has built an indictment in the form of a paper tower, which was then overturned with the evidence itself and proof presented. Whereas, regarding the witnesses, he said they could not provide durable testimony to the case because there is none.

Kurteshi said, "The arrest, the creatednoise, the detention and house arrest were just actions to justify the major purpose of the government, the placement of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! on the ground of terrorism and its damage in the social, political and electoral aspect" adding that such actions were a result of the fear of the government officials of the loss of power.

Furthermore, Kurteshi stated that he believes the court will issue the decision on the innocence of activists, and said that the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! will not stop seeking justice for this case and will not cease claiming justice for AstritDehari's death. He also added that the legal battle is not over yet, stressing that this battle is part of the political war against the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION!, but he was convinced that the end of this war is not far off.

Meanwhile, activist AdeaBatusha said the decision to release her and the other three activists is overdue for a full year, although since the beginning of this trumped up charge it was known that there were no legal grounds for activists to stay under house arrest. She called the whole case a flagrant legal violation of the law and a thorough political process, which has no rational explanation.

Among other, AdeaBatusha said, "Like the process in general, court decisions have always been political. Ultimately, the fact that we were released yesterday, although no circumstance had changed since a year ago or during the past few months, shows that the court has had the basis to free us from the beginning, but has not done so for politicalreasons.

At yesterday's hearing it was understood that this prosecutor was not only totally unprofessional, but fully aware of the indictment he had filed. These testimonies for which the prosecutor's own dilemma are, have been placed in the indicted and serve for our accusation. Yesterday, the witnesses in the session confirmed that this process, even their statements, have been trumped up since the beginning”.

She added that the whole case was the fabrication of the police, and AstritDehari was arrested and detainedfor this fabrication.

At the end of the conference, Batusha said, "Astrit has died because of this fabrication and this trumped up case. So this case does not end here. We will not our quest for justice for Astrit until those responsible for this fabrication and trumped up case end up in prison”. 

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