The Government does not allow an international investigation on the Astrit Dehari case

The Government does not allow an international investigation on the Astrit Dehari case

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21 May 2017

The Prime Minister’s Office has rejected the independent investigation regarding the case of Astrit Dehari  by the Forensics Institute within the University Center in Lausanne in Switzerland. MP Driton Çaushi and member of the Presidency, Sami Kurteshi spoke at a press conference for this act which is among the Government attempts to prevent the investigation of this case.

MP Çaushi made a chronological order of all the acts of the government with the aim to silence this case, pointing out that the case of rejecting the international investigation by such a highly credible institution speaks best about the capture of justice in Kosova.

Çaushi said, “On December 20th, 2016, the Assembly of Kosova adopted a resolution that opened the possibility for an independent international investigation into the causes of Astrit’s death. This was voted in the Assembly, and what we have now received is that the Office of the Prime Minister, the Government of Kosova, refuses the family’s request to investigate this case from a renowned Swiss institution, with a successful past of solved cases of various investigations”.

He criticized recent statements of the Minister of Justice, Dhurata Hoxha, who, in connection with the death of activist Dehari, said she would not deal with the past. But, he also added that no one can hide in the past for the crime committed in the Prison of Prizren.

Meanwhile, Sami Kurteshi clarified all actions related to the request for an international investigation. He said that on March 2nd of this year a request was made by the Dehari family lawyer, Tomë Gashi, which has not received an answer for more than a month. He then showed that on April 18th there was an emergency addressed by the lawyer to the Minister of Justice, Dhurata Hoxha, who then carries the responsibility to the Prime Minister’s Office. Furthermore, on April 21st, lawyer Gashi directs the request for an international inquiry to the Office of the Prime Minister, as instructed by the Ministry of Justice, which is then rejected on May 3rd.

“On May 3rd, 2017, the lawyer of the Dehari family, Tome Gashi, receives a letter from the Director of the Legal Office at the Prime Minister’s Office and informs him of the response that the Ministry of Justice received for the request on April 14th. With this answer, the Office of the Prime Minister rejected the international investigation of the Astrit Dehari case”,  Kurteshi explained, citing how this Office does not directly address the answer to lawyer Gashi without any justification.

He also talked about the credibility and high professionalism of the institute, pointing out that this institute also dealt with the case of the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister and other well-known cases.

Finally, it was emphasized that all these actions speak of the attempt of the government to hide the truth about the case, but despite all this, it was once again said that the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION!I will never give up the revelation of the truth about the suspicious death of Astrit.

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